Who looks after the BNC

MaryBeth Gallagher is  the director of the BNC.  She is a volunteer herself and could not be more passionate about the children of Katutura and helping them through education.

MaryBeth hailed from New York and arrived in Windhoek in 2006 after volunteering in El Salvador and Bangladesh.  The Bernhard Nordkamp Centre was only operating as a drop in soup kitchen and with her Elimentary teaching background MaryBeth set about making games for the children out of anything she could find and soon had 350 local children wanting to stay and play all afternoon.  In fact the games were so popular that MaryBeth was asked to produce instructions and found time to publish a book called "Making Games out of Rubbish" which was distributed at no cost for other organisations to use.  Over the years as it became obvious that the best gift for her children was education, MaryBeth stepped happily back into the classroom  to work her magic with Grade 2 providing them with the best there is in teaching.  At the end of 2011, all her young students could proudly say that they are "readers' and three won the "Best Student in Grade 2" diplomas at their respective local schools.  She brings to the centre a passion for both sport and education and unconditional love for the children.

The athmosphere at the BNC reflects friendlyness, respect to each other and politness. These are values that all children at the BNC have learned to honor and which they teach to new children if necessary.

MaryBeth has worked hard to involve the local community and with parent meetings has made invaluable connections with the children's caregivers.


Cathy Spraggon, who supported MaryBeth for many years with all the hundreds of little and big things that need to be organized to run such a centre, has left Namibia in 2012 and is still dearly missed! Since then MaryBeth is dedicating all her time and effort even more to keep everything going. Fortunately there are many friends helping out and volunteers are coming in, but as most of them are only staying for a few weeks or months, somebody who would like to come into the team for longterm would be really needed. Are you interested? Please let us know!


Here is a picture of MaryBeth: