The Kids' Views of the BNC

Let the Kids tell you themselves!




 Naomi (Grade 1):  
I go to the BNC in the afternoon because I like to learn. In school learning is not that much of fun but here at the BNC it is different. We come here after school for lunch and classes. Class starts at 2:30 p.m. Our wonderful volunteersand teachers then teach us Maths and English for two hours. My favourite teachers are Teacher Maggi and Teacher Mary. We learn the numbers in Math class with Teacher Maggi. In reading class we study the alphabet through a song. Teacher Mary plays the guitar and we sing and write the letters. After class I have time to play with my friends. The BNC is fantastic!




 Samira (Grade 2):
Hi, my name is Samira and I am eight years old. I was allowed to join the BNC a year ago and I always look forward to going here after school. I met so many new friends at the BNC. I am happy to get lunch here. The best dish is soup which is served on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I feel safe at the BNC because MaryBeth and all the the other teachers and volunteers look after us. They are nice to us and expect us to be nice to each other. There is no beating or fighting allowed at the BNC. When I grow up, I would like to become a police officer and provide security to other people. To reach my dream I need to learn and get good grades. I like the English classes most because the volunteers have so many funny English games and songs through which we learn. After class I have time to play with my friends here or read a book with one of our international volunteers. Maybe you would like to come here one day and read a book for me?!





Cecilia (Grade 5):
When I joined the BNC two years ago, I was about to fail grade 3. However, the BNC helped me pass and now I know that going to the BNC makes me very clever. Teacher Mary and the other volunteers always tell us that BNC stands for "Best Namibian Children" and I know that it is true. Being here makes us very clever. When I am older, I would like to become a teacher and make other little kids clever!