The Bernhard Nordkamp Centre Educational After School Programme

There are 205 children participating in the programme, enrolled in local public schools, grades 1 to 10. They go to school in the morning and then come to the centre for lunch and after school classes in English (reading and writing) and Maths. They are taught by local Namibian teachers as well as International Volunteers.

The BNC objectives are to provide children with a balanced programme of activities which will meet their individual needs, but above all, will equip them to be positive, well educated and contributing adult members of society. To achieve this, the Centre provides a formal learning programme as well as opportunities for sporting and cultural activities. There is a youth choir, soccer, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, swimming, yoga and chess.

The BNC’s primary mission is to facilitate education as a means of combating the very eroding effects of poverty. That is the most solid foundation for developing healthy, positive and enthusiastic children firmly rooted in participation in quality education.

The success of the programme has been overwhelmingly positive. Children who were receiving marks in the 20’s and 30’s are now getting 70’s and 80’s. The grade 7 learners in our programme are getting accepted into some of the country’s top schools.

All the materials for the programme have come from international donations as well as local Namibian businesses. Each year the children receive school uniforms and stationery from funds donated through international charity organizations.

As the Director, my passion for education, sports and life is fueled by the hopes and dreams of the children and the youth I work with. My inspiration comes from knowing that these children and young adults will grow into the future leaders of Namibia, and they will set a high standard of moral and ethical values because they have been instilled with self esteem and personal dignity. They have a great sense of responsibility and a desire to “give forward” as they look around and see the changes they must make in their community and their country.

We walk hand in hand with the teachers, parents and caregivers, working together to create an environment that eliminates violence, hatred and ignorance and replaces it with knowledge, discipline, conflict resolution and teamwork.


MaryBeth Gallagher, Director

January 2014

MaryBeth singing with the kids