Teaching and Volunteering at the BNC

The Bernhard Nordkamp After School classes are geared toward helping learners in grades 1 to 7 in English (reading and writing) and Maths.  The teachers follow the Namibian curriculum and textbooks are provided for every child.  The BNC is looking for permanent and volunteer teachers of English (reading and writing) and Maths for two hours every afternoon, Monday to Thursday.  Active or retired teachers or adults with good maths and English skills and experience in leading groups of children and following a curriculum guide are most welcome.  Colleges or Universities that offer a degree in Early Childhood or Primary School Education could find this an ideal internship opportunity.  The Department Chair or Dean should contact MaryBeth Gallagher, who can act as site supervisor or advisor if that is required for students who receive credit for their commitment in Namibia.  The BNC has a formal agreement for all volunteers which clearly indicates what is expected of anyone who wishes to teach at the BNC.  A copy of this is available on request.

 Institutions currently sending volunteers to the BNC for teaching include Brock University (Canada), Pacific Lutheran University (Washington, USA), and Manhattan College (New York, USA).  The BNC has also welcomed individual teachers visiting from all over the world, and has benefitted greatly not only from their expertise in the classroom but in the educational materials they brought and the new methods and styles they introduced. 

To ensure the necessary continuity for the children a minimum 4 week stay for groups or individuals who wish to teach is necessary.  Shorter term volunteers can participate in one-on-one remedial tutoring with children who are struggling to keep up with the rest of their class.  Visitors to Namibia can enter as tourists and stay for 90 days if they hold a valid passport their home country.  Visitors are recommended to check any special visa requirements before arriving in Namibia.  Please contact MaryBeth  to get more information on group or individual volunteering.  More information is also available under Frequently Asked Questions for Volunteers.


Here is a picture of our teachers (August 2014):

teachers BNC